Friday, December 21, 2007

John Hubert still works under Carlos Valdez?

Sen Bill 1951 of the 80th Leg: 1 District Court with 2 District Attorneys no where else but the 105
Posted on November 14, 2007 at 11:52:34 PM by Jaime Kenedeno

Isn't that like having 2 Attorney Generals for the same state.

Can a County elect 2 County Attorneys

Can a County have 2 County Attorneys for the same county.

ADA's & ACA's are not elected nor are they appointed to serve by the Governor.

I submit the legislation to be illegal, unconstitutional and in violation of election codes, government codes and a circumvention of trickery to spite the failed legislation that attempted to create a new district in Kleberg & Kenedy Counties.

The legislation that created the New District Attorney Position in Kleberg & Kenedy County must be challenged.

There is only one district.

There can only exist 1 District Attorney per District.

"Anything else, would be uncivilized"

Senate Bill 1951 of the 80th Legislature

Why did Hubert not take Granato & Crocker to the Grand Jury?
Posted on November 16, 2007 at 00:02:38 AM by Jaime Kenedeno

It is Hubert & The Boothes who are behind this whole Division of Kingsville
7/1/2005 1:26 AM
Allegedly, an FBI Agent informed Officials he was anticipating Judge
Hayden Head to inquire if the FBI had in fact been contacted. The FBI
Agent allegedly informed official that he (the FBI Agent) would be
forced to say they had not been contacted. Official claims to have
informed FBI at least 3 times. Judge Head requested any conspiracy
theories be put in writing. Official informed the undercover agent & the
FBI informant of the Judge's request. FBI informant contacted his
handler who allegedly contacted the U S Attorney's office (where
Patricia Hubert Boothe is a Prosecutor). In turn, the U S Attorney's
office was being asked to petition the Court to seal the documents from
public disclosure. Kingsville Official followed with a call to the U S
Attorney's office and stressed the importance of sealing the documents
(with the names of the undercover officer as well as the informant)to
avoid revealing the identities. Allegedly, the U S Attorney's office
assured Official this would be done before the time set in the Judge's
order to deliver the documents. When documents were handed over official
restated the importance of the documents being sealed. When the
documents were handed in (to a female U S Attorney?) Official
"understood" that at that time an order to seal the documents would be
in place. Then Official traveled back to Kingsville. That same day
Official was informed (by an FBI informant in San Antonio)that the
documents had been turned over to a reporter in Corpus Christi; who had
contacted the informant in San Antonio inquiring as to the truth of the
documents. It seems as though the recusal of certain persons with the U
S Attorney's Office that the motion to seal the documents was never
carried out. A Media Frenzy ensued.
Who recused and thus dropped the ball where John Hubert's Sister is an
assistant U S Attorney. Would she recuse do to the involvement of her
brother or her husband who is in charge of forfeitures and seizures for
the 105th? Why did John Hubert not take Granato & Crocker to the Grand
Jury. There is much more to this story Kingsville! All the above are
Allegations asserted in pending litigation. There are documents that can
back this up. The Key element in my opinion is that the documents were
not sealed on purpose by a technicality used as an excuse! It was a slap
in the face by the U S Attorney's Office. It also implicitly undermines
the City of Kingsville and makes it as though John Hubert has
effectively opened the door for his brother in law to move into
Kingsville & start using the tools availed to his advantage.
Subsequently, I have noticed his involvement in a number of highly
coincidental large busts with cash & vehicles!

It is Hubert & The Boothes who are behind this whole Division of Kingsville

Linda Schauer was my wife's Attorney and switched to the other side!
Posted on November 16, 2007 at 00:45:27 AM by Jaime Kenedeno

Chris Gale: Linda Schauer was my wife's Attorney & switched sides!
10/2/2005 12:40 AM
Linda Schauer was my wife's Attorney and switched to the other side!
Posted on September 30, 2005 at 10:55:39 PM by Jaime

Linda Schauer was the Special Prosecutor in the Granato case! Banales switched her from working as my wife's atorney to representing Kleberg County and working with John Hubert who prosecuted my wife in what turns out to be a MALICIOUS PROSECUTION, OFFICIAL OPPRESSION & ABUSE OF POWER NOT TO MENTION A TAINTED GRAND JURY AND JURY! ONCE THE 13TH COA RULES THERE IS GOING TO BE HELL TO PAY!

They modified JOB Opportunities!

Havlinka v Stewart should have demanded more!

There are others like me & my wife! We had our JOB Opportunities modified! John Hubert works under Carlos Valdez but TWC (MARY CANO) Controls via Building & Procurement ( King Ranch Armstrong slush fund)!

I will demand much more for Malicious prosecution!


John Hubert still works under Carlos Valdez?

Posted on November 16, 2007 at 01:40:43 AM by Jaime Kenedeno

12/29/2005 1:12 AM

Posted on December 26, 2005 at 08:44:36 AM by Jaime Kenedeño

TRL la$h, You mean TRL CA$H Supported Capelo,

What was the DEAL that VILMA LUNA LIASED with JOE NIXON and TLR.


What were the "LEGAL ARGUMENTS"?

How much "CA$H" was tranferred?

We know why. But WHY anyway?

Where were the meetings?

Dates we need to get some dates.

Who else besides the obvious PLAYERS?

Now we need follow the money for the lower level Politics like Judge JAG & STIVERS. Oh yeah dont forget to add Patricia Canales Bell to the list.

Tony "TWO FER" Canales chingalings his own FAMLIA!

For Real.

Right GABBY?

He gave you to them instead of what?

Maybe something to do with the ISLAND?

It wasnt his enemies.

TWO FER that is.

It is Capelo's enemy.

Whoever that was / is.

Somebody had the DPS CHAYSEN his FAMILY aound town.


HUGO set him into his PLACE state representative SEAT.


If you WORK in TEXAS;...... they control.

HVALINKA v. Schubert


Ask John Hubert.

Ask Ernesto Solis.

Ask Noel Pena.

Ask Perjurer & Jury Tamperer Marilyn Ruff if she "WORKED" with me?

She is a liar.

She said she knew me not.

Hubert knew everything about each Juror.

#29 did not want any part of the witch hunt why?

The Jury discussed the Voir Dire at Lunch; "Everybody's already putting guilty down on it"

That is what he told the Emperor.


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